Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Here now is a drawing i just did as a Christmas present for my aunt Wren of her son, Cameron, when he was a baby. (so shhh don't tell her)...
graphite on paper

This piece was an learning experience...i was given a blurry photograph to work from, first of all, which is kind of the #1 way to make something a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Doing the under-drawing was a pain in the arse as a result. After 3 days of frustrated sketching i kind of threw in the towel...i didn't touch it for about 2 months because i was so fed up with it.
But time heals all wounds, they say...and the adage held true in this case. When i picked it up again a few days ago i took advantage of my fresh eyes and did a couple of minor corrections, which is all it really needed. Then i sat down, did the whole render in one evening and got it framed the next day. :)

just for's cam now, 13 years later:


new landscape painting coming soon...


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